Speakers 2023

Meet an impressive selection of industry experts and thought leaders. Our list of speakers combines expertise, experience, and passion. Each of them brings unique insights and know-how to make the event an unforgettable learning experience. Browse the page and learn more about the inspiring individuals who will be taking our stage.

Alexandra Hagemann See more

Alexandra Hagemann

Geschäftsführerin 8S Stärkeprofil

Alexander Schmid See more

Alexander Schmid

Geschäftsführer Courseticket Deutschland GmbH

Maximilian Kleinsorg See more

Maximilian Kleinsorg

Co-Founder & CEO DayOff GmbH

Alexander Petsch See more

Alexander Petsch

Geschäftsführer HRM Institute GmbH & Co.KG

John Kleeman See more

John Kleeman

EVP Learnosity & Questionmark

Neele de Vries See more

Neele de Vries

CEO & CO-Founder Mozaik

Dalia Das See more

Dalia Das

Founder & CEO neue fische GmbH

Sergei Tugarinov See more

Sergei Tugarinov

Senior Account Executive Kaltura EMEA

Jörg Nörthemann See more

Jörg Nörthemann

Country Manager DACH Rise Up

Alena Scherer See more

Alena Scherer

Team Lead Sales HRinstruments GmbH

Lukas Snizek See more

Lukas Snizek

CEO QuickSpeech GmbH

Stefan Berndt See more

Stefan Berndt

Podcaster Ja klaHR!

Maurice Robert Angres See more

Maurice Robert Angres

Geschäftsführender Gesellschafter Torvald-Institut für Resilienz und Leadership GmbH

Marc Schmetkamp See more

Marc Schmetkamp

Agile Trainer, Coach und Mentor Planetagile

Julia Senner See more

Julia Senner

Redakteurin neues lernen

Karlheinz Pape See more

Karlheinz Pape

Geschäftsführer Corporate Learning Community gUG

Alexander Handcock See more

Alexander Handcock

Marketingleiter Speexx

Kevin Alster See more

Kevin Alster

Learning Strategist Synthesia

Monika Cuzma Cépeda See more

Monika Cuzma Cépeda

Inhaberin Sprachlöwen Akademie

Benjamin Jaksch See more

Benjamin Jaksch

Co-Founder, Facilitator & Creator New Learning Lab

Kristina Enderle da Silva See more

Kristina Enderle da Silva

Chefredakteurin neues lernen

Carsten Lotz See more

Carsten Lotz

Gründer von „Der-Trainer.jetzt“ Der-Trainer.jetzt

Michel Bierbaum See more

Michel Bierbaum

Partner bei „Der-Trainer.jetzt“ Der-Trainer.jetzt

Boris Bregar See more

Boris Bregar

Partner bei „Der-Trainer.jetzt“ Der-Trainer.jetzt

Katrin Grossmann See more

Katrin Grossmann

BestAger-Influencerin und Co-Founderin 4BestAger.academy 4BestAger | 4bestHR | 4bestDIGITAL

Oliver Wermeling See more

Oliver Wermeling

CEO & Founder Digital Solutions GmbH

Martina May See more

Martina May

Out of the office

Anouk Harde See more

Anouk Harde

CEO & Co-Founder onesome GmbH

Michael Witt See more

Michael Witt

Founder Lebenswelt Recruiting

Robindro Ullah See more

Robindro Ullah

Gesellschafter trendence Institut GmbH

Tim Heitmann See more

Tim Heitmann

CEO Business Escape Games

Valesca Heinlein See more

Valesca Heinlein

Out of the office

Nicole Fromhold See more

Nicole Fromhold

weniger als 10 Beschäftigte Nicole Fromhold

Mike Bedford See more

Mike Bedford

Founder & Director Bee-Brilliant People Development LTD

Marius Vennemann See more

Marius Vennemann

Co-Founder & Managing Director edyoucated GmbH

Franziska Anders See more

Franziska Anders


Fritz Krassnitzer See more

Fritz Krassnitzer

Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer Leaders21 GmbH

Daniel Rossmann See more

Daniel Rossmann

Business Development Director Attensi GmbH

Lorenz Illing See more

Lorenz Illing

CEO TAM Akademie

Sebastian Dust See more

Sebastian Dust

Account Executive DACH 360Learning

Simone Lafargue See more

Simone Lafargue

CEO & Founder Amaze Growth / Accelerate Coach GmbH

Prof. Dr. Werner Sauter See more

Prof. Dr. Werner Sauter

Swiss Connect Academy Deutschland GmbH

Madeleine Zimmer See more

Madeleine Zimmer

Systemische Coachin & Karriereberaterin

Dr. Franz Hütter See more

Dr. Franz Hütter

Dr. Franz Hütter

Marcus Hitzberger See more

Marcus Hitzberger

Customer Success Partner WDHB Europe GmbH

Robert Runge See more

Robert Runge

Geschäftsführer BrainRooms

Urs Merkel See more

Urs Merkel

Chief Vision Executive Officer soft.fact GmbH

Janosch Kutas See more

Janosch Kutas

Projektmanager IT/Business Development Lead smicro GmbH

Dr. Annika Mutius See more

Dr. Annika Mutius

Co-Founder Empion

Jasper Dehner See more

Jasper Dehner

CEO dehner academy GmbH

Thomas André Sola See more

Thomas André Sola

Verbandsvorsitzener / General manager APSCo Deutschland

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