Mike Bedford

Mike Bedford

Founder & Director

Bee-Brilliant People Development LTD

Neurodiversity; what is it? And why you should learn about this?

In Mike’s opening keynote to the Expo, he will do the following:
● Share some of the journey of being a Neurodivergent Leader
● Raise awareness of what Neurodiversity is and isn’t
● Bust some myths and challenge your assumptions
● Share why he believes attracting Diverse Thinkers to your business is more important than ever in this time of digital revolution
● Explain why he believes Organisational Leaders, L&D, HR, and EDI teams play a key role in creating workplace cultures where people of all Neurotypes can Thrive
● Answer any Q&A’s from the audience

Mike Bedford

Mike Bedford describes himself as a Neuro-Spicy Culture Change Agent on a mission to build better workplace cultures where everyone can belong and achieve their potential regardless of their strengths and challenges or, as they say in Germany, Stärken und Schwächen. An Award Winning Coaching Leader, HR, People and Organisational Development Expert, voted among the Top 80 Neurodivergent Leaders in the UK, Mike fuses storytelling with lived experience and practical tools to support change. As a former Head of L&D and People, Mike understands the critical role and natur of L&D and HR within organisations. Mike also believes that L&D and HR teams have a critical role in building cultures of belonging where people are supported to achieve their true potential, which in the age of AI is more important now more than ever.
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